Execute Bash script stored in a file over SSH

Say I have the following Bash script stored in the file foo.sh :

echo foo

Without having to scp the file, how could I execute the script stored in foo.sh on a remote machine?

I have tried the following (with a few variations) to no success:

$ ssh root@remote eval `cat foo.sh`

eval `cat foo.sh` seems to expand to eval #!/bin/bash echo foo here

ssh root@MachineB 'bash -s' < local_script.sh


In accepted answer I see:

I'd like to have it as a one liner. Could you make a small code example?

That should be it:

ssh root@MachineB 'bash -s -- uno' < local_script.sh

or better, with a here-in document

ssh root@MachineB 'bash -s -- uno' <<EOF
> date
> echo $1
jue sep 18 13:01:25 CEST 2014

cat foo.sh | ssh -T root@remote cat foo.sh | ssh -T root@remote will to the trick. The -T option suppresses a warning you would otherwise get because you're piping input from a file.

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