Run ssh and immediately execute command

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  • Can I ssh somewhere, run some commands, and then leave myself a prompt? 4 answers

  • ssh -t 'command; bash -l'


    You can use the LocalCommand command-line option if the PermitLocalCommand option is enabled:

    ssh username@hostname -o LocalCommand="tmux list-sessions"

    For more details about the available options, see the ssh_config man page.

    This isn't quite what you're looking for, but I've found it useful in similar circumstances.

    I recently added the following to my $HOME/.bashrc (something similar should be possible with shells other than bash):

    if [ -f $HOME/.add-screen-to-history ] ; then
        history -s 'screen -dr'

    I keep a screen session running on one particular machine, and I've had problems with ssh connections to that machine being dropped, requiring me to re-run screen -dr every time I reconnect.

    With that addition, and after creating that (empty) file in my home directory, I automatically have the screen -dr command in my history when my shell starts. After reconnecting, I can just type Control-P Enter and I'm back in my screen session -- or I can ignore it. It's flexible, but not quite automatic, and in your case it's easier than typing tmux list-sessions .

    You might want to make the history -s command unconditional.

    This does require updating your $HOME/.bashrc on each of the target systems, which might or might not make it unsuitable for your purposes.


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